Tuesday, April 11, 2017

History Day Reflection

    My History Day project was on Alexander Hamilton's legacy and the musical that Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote in his honor. We put all of our information into a website that incorporated Lin and Hamilton.

    I do not agree with what the judges said about our project. The first thing they said was that our bibliography and process paper were not on our website, but they saw the thesis statement, even though all three were together on our page. The second thing I did not agree with was that they said that we focused too much on the musical and not enough on Hamilton. I disagree because that was what we were supposed to be focusing on; the whole project revolved around his legacy and the musical is a big part of keeping his legacy alive. The last thing the judges said was that our thesis statement was not clear, but I do not disagree. I felt like we were too worried about te website and getting it done to have a quality thesis statement.

    I think the most interesting thing I learned about our topic was how hard his wife, Eliza, worked on keeping his legacy alive because she knew how much he wanted it. Eliza worked for fifty years until she passed away leaving a well-earned legacy for her late husband.

    I think the hardest part of this project was the end; making sure everything was in check and ready to go for the competition. What I mean by "in check" is having the word count figured out and finished, annotating the bibliographies, finishing the process paper and making sure the website was finished. It was hard because of all the stress it caused trying to make sure it was all done and done well.

    I think the area I improved on the most was researching and putting all of my information into paragraph form instead of fact form. In all of my other projects I don't usually speak as if I was talking to someone but just state the facts.

    One way our project could have improved would be making sure everything went with our thesis statement. I think that we wanted too many different things and we didn't focus on what was really important. If we would have stuck to our thesis statement then we could have had more information about a lower amount of topics.

    I was really proud of the interview and not necessarily as a group, but as an individual. It felt good to know exactly what I was talking about without hesitating because I knew nothing. I was also proud of how the website turned out because our time management was not the best and I was worried we would be scrambling around last minute trying to get it done.


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