Tuesday, April 11, 2017

History Day Reflection

    My History Day project was on Alexander Hamilton's legacy and the musical that Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote in his honor. We put all of our information into a website that incorporated Lin and Hamilton.

    I do not agree with what the judges said about our project. The first thing they said was that our bibliography and process paper were not on our website, but they saw the thesis statement, even though all three were together on our page. The second thing I did not agree with was that they said that we focused too much on the musical and not enough on Hamilton. I disagree because that was what we were supposed to be focusing on; the whole project revolved around his legacy and the musical is a big part of keeping his legacy alive. The last thing the judges said was that our thesis statement was not clear, but I do not disagree. I felt like we were too worried about te website and getting it done to have a quality thesis statement.

    I think the most interesting thing I learned about our topic was how hard his wife, Eliza, worked on keeping his legacy alive because she knew how much he wanted it. Eliza worked for fifty years until she passed away leaving a well-earned legacy for her late husband.

    I think the hardest part of this project was the end; making sure everything was in check and ready to go for the competition. What I mean by "in check" is having the word count figured out and finished, annotating the bibliographies, finishing the process paper and making sure the website was finished. It was hard because of all the stress it caused trying to make sure it was all done and done well.

    I think the area I improved on the most was researching and putting all of my information into paragraph form instead of fact form. In all of my other projects I don't usually speak as if I was talking to someone but just state the facts.

    One way our project could have improved would be making sure everything went with our thesis statement. I think that we wanted too many different things and we didn't focus on what was really important. If we would have stuck to our thesis statement then we could have had more information about a lower amount of topics.

    I was really proud of the interview and not necessarily as a group, but as an individual. It felt good to know exactly what I was talking about without hesitating because I knew nothing. I was also proud of how the website turned out because our time management was not the best and I was worried we would be scrambling around last minute trying to get it done.


Thursday, November 17, 2016

2016 Independent Project Reflection

This year I decided to do my project on the black market. I chose this because I knew some things here and there about the black market, but I never really got into it. In my Prezi, I focused on human trafficking, animal trafficking, and the salaries of sellers and brokers.

Even though learning more about human trafficking made me a little bit uneasy, it was very interesting to learn about all the things that go on in that industry.

The hardest part of my project would have to be reading about human trafficking; not even that it was difficult for me to find information, but it was nerve racking to keep reading about what they did to the slaves.

I definitely improved as a learner through this project not only in learning about the black market, but in presenting as well. I believe that this year was, by far, my greatest year for presenting because I felt comfortable and I was interested in what I was talking about.

One thing I would change if I did the whole thing over is talking more about what they did to the slaves and the animals that are trafficked. I did not include these things in my project because I did not think the class would enjoy that very much.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Shakespeare Reflection

At the beginning of the Shakespeare unit I was excited and not so excited at the same time. Then, after we got started reading the Shakespearean insults and death scenes I really started enjoying it. The way Shakespeare wrote his plays was very different from how they are written now and watching the movie really helped understand how to read it and what it meant.

I believe that Kate was not tamed in the end. Kate is a very stubborn, hard headed woman who will be herself all of her life. I do not think that Kate acted like that to get attention. Being mean and making rude remarks was just her personality. Kate will never be "tamed" because that is just who she is.

The first folio is important because without the folio there would not be a William Shakespeare. The folio was a collection of around eighteen of Shakespeare's plays, published in 1623. Most of Shakespeare's plays were not published while he was still alive. 

Learning the Shakespearean insults was so fun because it was really funny. Having known the insults showed you that he had a sense of humor and he liked to write like that. Not all of his writing was serious and I think that is what most people liked about him, and why so many people would and still do watch his plays.

Shakespeare is still relevant now because people can still relate to his writing and put their own twist on it, just like 10 Things I Hate About You. Shakespeare wrote in a way that you could interpret it any way you could imagine and many people enjoyed that. He would write his plays and put little side comments or jokes in them and not everyone would understand them, but the few who did got a kick out of it and loved his writing. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

2016-2017 1st Blog Post

This school year I would like to be on the A honor roll every quarter. I really want to be on the list because it just makes me feel really good to have good grades. Another goal I have for myself is to just be in a better mood all the time because a lot of the time it puts people around you in good moods and then you enjoy doing whatever you're doing more. That is important because no one wants to be in a bad mood and be around people in bad moods, so if you can do something about it then why wouldn't you? I would also like to find more books that I am passionate about and read more books for my own pleasure. The feeling of finishing a book is so good, it makes me feel smarter and just happy because I really like to read if I have the right book.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Breakout Box Reflection

A breakout box is a box that has numerous number locks attached to the outside of it that you have to ironically break into. You have to figure out what the clues mean in order to unlock the padlocks.

So, to solve a box like the Communication Through the Ages box you need to sort your clues out and really look deeply into them because it wasn't as much of a direct theme as some of the other boxes. Many little clues are within the main clues that help you unlock the padlocks. As for the Mark Twain box you had to not necessarily think too hard about it all because it was all right in front of you. Another thing for any box, not just teacher-made, is that you have to work with your team or else nothing will make any sense because you will all be going separate ways doing the same thing over and over again. But, then again, you have to think about everyone else when you're working in a group because if you try to do everything yourself there will be no fun in it for everyone else doing it.

When you're designing your own breakout box you kind of have to work from the inside out and pay attention to all the details because if you miss anything it might not turn out the way you planned. You might have to start over and rethink the whole thing and make sure that it will turn out the way you want.

What went well with the other groups was that they really used their observation skills at some points when they needed to.

When the other teams were trying to unlock our box they made it a lot harder than they needed to. I believe they did that because they felt like our clues were going to be very vague and not give them enough information but I think that they looked too far into it and the answers went right over their heads.

Another setting a breakout box would be good in would be a party where the kids would have to work together and try to find the information or you could give it to someone as a gift and have their actual gift be inside of the box and have them look for clues.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hannibal Reflection

In our 7th grade goal classes we have been studying Mark Twain and been doing research on his life. During the first weeks we visited our teacher's webquest she had previously made. There were three people to a group and each person had a separate job within finding information on the webquest page. After we all had our information we made a google presentation showing all of it. The following weeks we read certain chapters out of the book, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and the same week we had a breakout box that was related to mark twain. All around the classroom were clues on how to get the padlocks unlocked so we could be able to access the box.

The most educational part of the trip was the caves because being able to walk through the same place as Mark Twain and Tom Sawyer was really cool. When you are learning about history you usually don't get to go to the exact same place as they were at on time.

I thought the most fun part of the trip was going to the caves. I liked it because I have been to Bridal Caves at the Lake of the Ozarks and it was really interestingt o see a new one and have it be famous for being a hangout for Sam and his friends (Young Mark and his friends).

What would make the trip for next year better, even though I can't change this, would be to have more in the museums because there was lots of stuff I just wish there could have been more because that just would have made the trip that much more interesting.

Before our trip to Hannibal we learned a lot about Mark Twain but we did not know every thing about him. It helped us because we could still learn new things about him and not be completely lost and confused. It was better to have background knowledge about his characters houses in relation to the other characters houses because you new things about it but there was still new information.